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[insert song lyrics here] (I felt like it.)

[insert song lyrics here]

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Bonjour! Je m'appelle Renee, et je dessine les chats mignons. J'aime mes chats tres beaucoup. J'ai un chien, mais je n'aime pas mon chien. J'aime nager, jouer du violin, et dessiner. J'apprends a jouer du ukulele. J'ai dix-sept ans. Mon anniversaire est le premier mars. JK! I don't speak French that well. I barely know the language! I didn't use a translator though. ^_^ honest to Jesus. Hi Guys, I'm a mixed blog kind of person. -bands -singers -actors -tv shows -movies -anime -and more I love to make new friends. PLEASE message me if you're interested in friendship. at all. Also, I'm going to do this thing where I will literally celebrate pretty much everything (as long as it isn't bad or something.) If you want to celebrate something with someone, hit me up in the asks and I'll be excited for you. I WILL BE EXCITED FOR YOU.

I felt like it.

— 7 months ago

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